Frequently Asked Questions


There are wet spots on your ceiling, in the attic, or crawl spaces.
Your chimney’s masonry has cracked.
Shingles are curled, buckling, missing or broken.
Your shingles are blistering.
Shingles are badly aging and missing granules.
You notice signs of roof rot, such as a spongy feeling when you walk on it.
There is water backup in your eaves. 

How long will my new roof last?

20 Years. That is the life expectancy of the average roof system. The life span of a roof system is determine by a number of factors, like: roof system design, building structure, material quality, material suitability, proper installation, periodic maintenance, local climate, and much more. Material quality is especially important because some roof system types such as clay tile, slate and (certain) metal can last longer.


What will a new roof system cost? 

The cost of a new roof system depends upon the size of the project, the materials involved, the architectural style of your house, market costs, and the roofing contractor you hire. 


A leaking roof is a bad thing. However, it doesn’t necessarily warrant a complete roof replacement. How much repair and work needs to be done on your roof depends on the level of damage caused by leaking. There are many problems that can lead to roof leaking, which is why it’s important to inspect your roof periodically and check for common warning signs. You can perform this inspection yourself, but it is a good idea to hire a professional at least once a year to check for any serious roof problems.

Is your job guaranteed? 

Yes. To protect your investment all materials and labor are guaranteed. We offer a 1 year guarantee in labor. Materials are covered from manufactured.



Can you assist me with my insurance claim?

Another big yes! We will assist and contact your insurance company in order to be sure you have a smooth transition from old to new roof.

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